How to Make a WordPress Website 2016 – EASY!

How to Make a WordPress Website 2016 – EASY!

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Learn how to make a beautiful, custom WordPress website EASY! This is a STEP by STEP walkthrough, with no steps skipped.

I’ll walk you through getting your own domain URL, to purchasing and setting up web hosting, to installing WordPress, and finally, how to use the WordPress platform to customize your website to your liking.

*If you have ANY questions or need help, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out*

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Free WordPress Website Hosting on GitHub

Free WordPress Website Hosting on GitHub

Host a WordPress Static Page on GitHub on your own without any bandwidth restrictions or storage limit.

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Hoe Maak Je Een WordPress Website 2019

Hoe Maak Je Een WordPress Website 2019

In deze video laat ik je stap voor stap zien hoe je een WordPress website maakt aan de hand van gratis tools. Aan het einde van de video kan je zelf websites maken en zou je er zelfs je werk van kunnen maken. We gaan gebruik maken van gratis tools zoals WordPress, Elementor en het Phlox thema. Ook laat ik je zien hoe je gebruik kunt maken van gratis afbeeldingen die je zonder toestemming of vermelding van de auteur kunt gebruiken.

Er zijn aardig wat cursussen te koop over hoe je een website kun maken. Ik wil de eerste zijn die alle informatie gratis weggeeft. Mocht je vragen hebben, dan kan je een reactie achterlaten. Ik doe mijn best om elke dag vragen te beantwoorden.


How To Make a WordPress Website – UPDATED!

How To Make a WordPress Website – UPDATED!

Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an amazing WordPress website? This is the updated version of my most popular tutorial with over 5 million views. The new version has an entire new visual website builder to make it easy to make a desktop and mobile friendly website. This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in about 2 hours.

You can build your website with a mac, pc or anything else. Have fun!

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Intro 00:00:00
Sign Up For Hosting 00:09:12
Install WordPress 00:18:01
Sign In 00:21:20
Change Password 00:22:07
Reset WordPress 00:22:37
Delete All Plugins 00:23:53
Edit Permalinks 00:26:25
Install Update 00:27:56
Install Theme 00:28:43
Delete Sample Page 00:31:01
Add Pages 00:31:32
Navigation 00:32:43
Title & Tagline 00:38:39
Setup Homepage 00:40:01
Get Elementor 00:42:40
Setup Fonts 00:43:48
Import Website Pages 00:47:15
Create Home Page 00:48:51
Make Home Page Mobile Friendly 01:08:17
Create About Page 01:13:46
Build Our Work Page 01:21:53
Make Services Page 01:26:34
Create Contact Page 01:37:28
Make Your Logo 01:43:21
Add Buttons To Navigation 01:46:08
Add CSS Extra Credit 01:52:00
Create Footer 02:01:47
Logout 02:12:14


How To Make a WordPress Website For FREE! – 2019

How To Make a WordPress Website For FREE! – 2019

Learn how to make a wordpress website for free! 2018 tutorial.
Demo website:
Hostgator: (affiliate link)
Highest Coupon Code for HG: “NYCTECH30”

Text tutorial:


This wordpress tutorial has everything you need to learn how to make a wordpress website. You will learn how to build a wordpress website from scratch and we will go through everything step by step!

We have a text tutorial
It has all the files and demo files to learn how to make a free wordpress website.

If you’re looking to create a wordpress website and need help building it, then this is the video tutorial for you. We’re here to help and we are excited to help you learn how to make a wordpress website for free.

We will provide more details soon. Until then…enjoy and like the video.

Thank you for your support! 2018 is off to a great start 🙂

time stamps for this tutorial on wp wordpress coming tomorrow feb 17 2018! on how to make a wordpress website for free

Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting
Step 2: Go to Email Inbox
Step 3: Login to Cpanel
Step 4: Install WordPress Theme
Step 5: Install Plugins
Step 6: Download and Install Demo Images
Step 7: Select WordPress Theme Settings
Step 8: Create Free Logo
Step 9: Modify Permalinks
Step 10: Create Homepage and Blog Page
Step 11: Set Homepage
Step 12: Create Slider for WordPress Website Homepage
Step 13: Make and Customize Homepage
Step 14: Make About Page
Step 15: Learn How to Make WordPress Website Success Stories Page
Step 16:


How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | In  20 Simple Steps | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | In 20 Simple Steps | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to make a beautiful WordPress Website today | No experience required!
Web Hosting ➜ (60% Discount + you support the channel 🙂 )
➤ Siteground Review :
Timestamps :

1.) Introduction – 00:00:00
2.) Get Domain & Hosting – 00:04:30 (Please remember my link if you want to support me : )
3.) Install SSL – 00:15:10
4.) Install WordPress – 00:18:57
5.) WordPress Basics Tutorial- 00:20:40
6.) Themes – 00:25:20
7.) Plugins – 00:26:48
8.) Permalinks – 00:30:45
9.) Posts (Your Blog) – 00:31:08
10.) Installing OceanWP and Elementor – 00:33:30
11.) Adding Homepage (+ extra Pages) – 00:34:40
12.) Create a Menu – 00:36:38
13.) Edit OceanWP Page Settings – 00:39:35
14.) Edit Header and Footer (Customizer) – 00:41:24
15.) Use Footer Widgets – 00:59:00
16.) Elementor Basics – 01:03:17
17.) Use Elementor Widgets – 01:08:00
18.) Use Elementor Blocks- 01:27:47
19.) Use Elementor Page Layouts – 01:33:15
20.) Ending – 01:36:50

Extra information :

In this beginner WordPress Tutorial you will learn step by step, how to make a beautiful wordpress website / homepage with the oceanwp theme and elementor page builder.

You can be a beginner, intermediate or a professional web designer. After this WordPress Tutorial in english you will be able to make a Website or Homepage, it is easy and simple.

You can make business pages, portfolios, blogs, online shops, dropshipping websites and everything else you could imagine, there’s no borders to your imagination!

The Tutorial is step by step and I skipped no step, we go through everything you will need to build a responsive website with wordpress. It’s a very simple process!

We start by learning what WordPress is, we then go on and learn about Web Hosting.
In the next step I will show you how to install WordPress and do some basic settings in the WordPress dashboard.

Then we install OceanWP and Elementor. Make our first Homepage and start designing the page by using the customizer. After we did the most important settings in the customizer, we go on and do some oceanwp settings on our homepage and then start using the elementor page builder, which is very helpful in this WordPress Tutorial.

The first thing I show you in the elementor Page Builder is how to use the widgets you can find on the left side. As you can already see then, building websites with WordPress is very easy!

And WordPress gets even easier.

We then learn about using blocks, and page layouts which are made by professional web designers. You can simply use those, to build your first website to your liking in a few hours.

If you have watched the full WordPress tutorial, you have learned how to make a wordpress website. From A – Z, you can make websites with a high conversion rate, which are responsive, customized and beautiful. I also explained some extra things in this tutorial, such as ssl certificates, which can sometimes be a technical problem for beginners, now no more!

And please remember, I do these free WordPress Tutorials next to studying in University.
So in case you decide to use Siteground please remember to use my link for 60 % off and to support the creation of more free tutorials. And no, I don’t just recommend using Siteground for your WordPress Website because I get a small commission from them, I would actually get a higher commission from other hosts, but i wholeheartedly believe in Siteground as a reliable WordPress Host, which I also use for most of my projects (and clients).

If you have any questions regarding Online Marketing and WordPress feel free to ask them in the comments, I answer to everyone and will do my absolute best to help you out!

If you have enjoyed the WordPress tutorial, remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more tutorials in the following weeks.

Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

Tim Wessels