MySQL is a programming language used for creating databases. Databases run the back-end of almost every website, business, corporation, school, etc… Watch to learn about database programming with MySQL!


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What is MySQL?
How Data is Organized and Normalization.
Numeric Data Types
String Data Types
Date and Time Data Types
Column Features and Extra Settings
Quotes and Escaping Special Characters
Altering Data and More Advanced Queries
How to Build a Database
How to Install XAMPP and start Using PhpMyAdmin
How to Define Your Database Structure
Programming Our Database
Comments, Semi Colons, Deleting or Dropping Tables
How to add Columns and Drop(Delete) Columns
How to Insert and Update Data in a Table
How to use the Insert and Select Commands
How to use the Show Command
How to Alter Commands
How to be Consistent with MySQL
How to use a Where Clause and Select Statements
How to use an Oder by Clause
How to use a Limit Clause
How to Properly Update Columns
How to Delete Data
Introduction to Character Sets and Collations
How to Set Character Sets and Collations
How to Search Your database using Like and Wildcards
Introduction to MySQL Storage Engines
How to Set and Alter Your Storage Engines
Comparison Operators
Foreign Key Constraints for the InnoDB Storage Engine
Introduction to Joins
Inner Joins
Left Joins
How to do an Inner Join and Useful Tips
How to do Left Joins (Outer Joins) and Unions
Introduction to functions
String Functions Part 1
String Functions Part 2
How to Use Math Operations
Numeric Functions Part 1
Numeric Functions Part 2
How to Use Aliases with Your Joins and Functions
Date and Time Functions
Formatting the Date
What is Encryption?
How to Encrypt Databases with 1-Way Encryption
How to Encrypt Data with 2-Way Encryption
Normalizing a Bank System
Data types of a Bank System
Indexes and Foreign Key Constraints for out Bank System
Programming Our Bank system with phpMyAdmin
Aggregate Grouping Functions and How They Work
Keyword Distinct
Group By
How to use Aggregate Functions
Comparison Functions
If Function
Case Operator
Full Text Search Index
In Boolean Mode
How to Organize In Boolean Mode

Anything else upon request may be considered. This course is design to introduce you to many features of MySQL and teach you what they do. Did you hear that? This course will teach you features of MySQL and teach you what they do. This is to introduce you to advanced SQL but not completely overload you with information. You may or may not come out of this course being able to be a database administrator with a 6 digit income. I guarantee you though, this series will greatly help you understand the power of databasing.

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